Speedy Dentistry

The concept of “Speedy Dentistry,” includes the practice of doing dental treatments faster with better technologies and chair-side solutions. In today’s busy world, no one has time even for their own health, just about everyone wants things to go faster. Be it a fast Food, fast Travel, fast cost analysis, fast trades or fast dental care, society wants — even demands — rapid service and high quality at affordable prices. Even before they are seated in the dental chair, patients do not want to wait. They don’t like spending long minutes with their mouths open or in uncomfortable situations. So we are here to provide speed, comfort and convenience at affordable costs.


Speed dentistry is for those who want their dental job to be done in a very short time interval whether:

  • Local
  • Outstation
  • Travelling
  • Overseas

We provide Speedy Dentistry with:

  • Best and short treatment plan Customised to the patient’s need
  • Fixed Teeth within 72 hrs
  • Single Sitting RCTs
  • Speedy Braces Solutions
  • All the World Class Treatment Modalities
  • No compromise with dental materials and scientific protocols
  • Dedicated long sittings with breaks in between in a day

WE, at Dr Bansal’s Dental Club Clinic, Zirakpur provides you a combination of Speed, Comfort and Convenience all together at Affordable Prices.

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